If you don't know what ChaCha is then you are missing out. Let me take a moment to school you. ChaCha is a human powered search engine. The easiest way to use ChaCha is by sending a message to ChaCha (242-424) and texting any question. Real-life people on the interweb answer your questions and text it back to you in three minutes or less. Its awesome! Its a great reference tool while on the go or something fun to play with. Each answer comes with a web link that takes you to a page on the internet where the answer was found and a link to the ChaCha guide that answered the question for you.

Let me tell you how much I love ChaCha. I love ChaCha so much that I took their tests online and just was made a ChaCha Guide. That's right folks I will be dispensing wisdom to people all over (and getting paid for it too).

Its an incredible service that is free to use and encourage all of you to try it out today. You never know who will answer your question and it might even be me.


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