A High School Musical Drive-by

The other day, Travis and I took in a local community theaters' god-awful performance of Disney's High School Musical. It was one of the worst things we have ever seen and to make things worse, at the end the cast ran through the theater and into the lobby where they thanked us for coming by giving us a whiff of their sweat. After leaving and trying not to inhale, we took to the car and decided to drive past the theater and blare the soundtrack to the musical as loud as we could.

A High School Musical Drive-by from brian on Vimeo.


swirlogirl 8:53 AM  

hahahah y'all are so damn silly! did the crowd react to you at aall? hahah!

Brian 8:00 PM  

They looked at us oddly. Trav couldn't tell because he was cowering in fear. If you watch closely at the end you see two old people almost get hit by my car as we were driving away.

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