Happy belated B-Day ___!

Yesterday was my ______s birthday. She was turning __ years old. She and my father took in a day at Disney courtesy of the 2 tickets he found stashed away since 1998. I met up with them later in the evening for some drinks and such. It was a pretty good time and it was an added bonus we bumped into Travis, Stacy and company during Illuminations. BTW, the photo above was from their trip on Spaceship Earth.


Anonymous 8:34 PM  

Thanks for not putting in the age!!Spending time with you added to making my birthday special. Good times were had by all. Good food, good drinks, great company and the special surprise cake.

Brian 6:25 PM  

And not to mention a special "It's My Birthday" button.

dad 9:52 PM  

Thanks for coming out to meet up with us to help celebrate your mom's birthday and eat and drink our way around Epcot. It was fun.


steph 1:29 PM  

aw happy bday brians mom! hope it was a blasty!

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