Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

To celebrate the holiday, my buddy Clay and I decided to visit the local talk radio station, Real Radio 104.1 and visit the Monsters in the Morning. They invited any Mexican to be part of the studio audience for the day as well as anyone pretending to be Mexican. There was promise of beer and Mexican food so needless to say, we were there.

Clay and I donned Luchador masks and comedy mustaches and made it to the studio at 5:30AM. Yes, that 5:30Am.

Waiting outside for the cast to arrive, we waited, smoked a cigar and waited. There is nothing like waking early, grabbing a cigar and dressing like a Mexican wrestler. 

After waiting outside, we were moved into the green room. Yes, Clay and I. Nobody else showed up. A short while later we were moved into the control room where we hung out with Drunky the Bear, Tiffany and Daniel who kept us laughing the whole morning. A short while later three guys showed up dressed as Mexican banditos and sang a song. Later the food and drink arrived and were were given a bunch of swag. Overall it was a great morning and a lot of fun. Aside from the free food, drink and stuff, it made for a great story.


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