I'm back.

I know I haven't posted in a while. I've just been very busy. I'm back from Savannah for the less than exciting Sidewalk Arts Festival. SCAD really did a great job at producing a low-key event for its alumni. Changes this year included a charge for the reception, a larger space for the reception, a d.j. (which later turned out to be two musicians), a staff to serve the grub, a second bar and beer instead of only wine. Oh, and they now invited parents. What? There didn't seem to be many alumni there and I must say I don't blame them. It was not worth the price.

The Sidewalk Arts festival itself was very small and didn't seem to have many people attending. There wasn't even the same number of squares that there were in the past. Some of the biggest changes were the lack of free meal coupons for alumni like they do every year for the past twenty some-odd years and the shitters were now located adjacent to the alumni squares. Damn SCAD don't try too hard to show your true feelings. 

I'm just glad that I went with Trav, Jenn, John, Steph, Josh and Mel because if it wasn't for them, the entire weekend would have been a bust. I had a great time seeing the gang and was also really happy that Ms. Kim Larson decided to join us for lunch this afternoon.


swirlogirl 10:19 AM  

you guys are the only thing redeeming about these events haha!

Brian 11:47 AM  

Isn't that the truth? Seeing you, John and the rest of the gang was the bessssssssss.

steph 4:15 PM  

seriously - i think it's time we take the savannah party shenanigans to another part of the year when it's not so tough to find hotel rooms since none of us are really into the scad outings anyways!

josh and i miss y'all like crazy!

Mel 12:31 PM  

Here, here to everything just said.

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