Up to no good

Up to no good, originally uploaded by WonderfulTime.

This is one of my favorites. I must say that I did not take it today. Its from November of last year but I was looking at it and I thought I should post it today. This photo just cracks me up. Not because its of my best friend Trav but the look on his face is priceless. It's that look that he gets (and I as well) when we are doing something that we shouldn't. In this shot I am actually trying to get a picture of the woman behind us with the t-shirt that reads "The Party Has Arrived". We just glanced at this wonderful display of femininity and knew it was gold. So with my attempt to photograph Mama Fratelli by not making it look like I'm photographing Mama Fratelli, I got this shot that I will always laugh at.


steph 10:38 PM  

AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OH SHIT OH SHIT best post ever!!! both the travvy t pic and the chick and her shirt! i just pooped my pants in glee!!!

swirlogirl 10:45 AM  

this is why i love you guys. travis is the most devious of them all. and i too have one of these "travis in the foreground faking interest while you try to get a snap of the mongoloid behind him" pics.

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