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You Look Pretty, originally uploaded by WonderfulTime.

So I have already been asked a few times "Does this new version of Wonderful Time mean that you are not going to be giving us your snarky views? Well to answer that question for everyone I would have to say yes and no. This blog will definitely be more photo oriented but rest assured I will still be dropping in my views of things when the time is right or the feeling moves me. It has just become more tedious to come up with something insightful or interesting to write about hence the Hannah Montana post a few weeks ago. This way you the faithful readers of this here blog can be given a hot fresh steaming bowl of awesomeness every single day. It will be those "special moments" that I will put fingers to the keys and spin a story.

I do have one favor, please leave a comment if you like a picture AND please leave a comment if you don't. I love feedback. I'm not looking for my ass to be kissed. I will be often experimenting with subjects, techniques and processing to get different effects. Like today's pic. It is my first foray into taking a RAW photo with no processing and manipulating the data later in Photoshop. So please give me feedback. If you have no opinion, then you are excused. I'm not looking for an art school style critique, but your input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Mel 12:39 PM  

Your blog looks pretty.

Rachel 6:17 AM  


Your ass on the other hand... no kissing will be happening... let's just say that.

steph 6:17 PM  

i love this kind of stuff... like there's graffiti i see every now and then in various places that says "you are beautiful", and it's just kinda cool. like i saw it on the side of this unfinished building, and they had tried to get it off the concrete, but it's still there even though it's faint and it looks awesome. just like this photo.

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