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Self Portrait, originally uploaded by WonderfulTime.

Greetings all! I want to start by apologizing of the half-ass nature of this here blog. I am in the midsts of reworking it so I can showcase the photos I have been taking with my new camera. Okay, thats a bit of a lie. The reason for the change is that I am trying to motivate myself to take a picture a day so I can improve my photo taking skillz. So with this new photo-heavy blog, I can force myself to take and upload a picture a day. So hang tight and I will be back to 100% very soon. In the meantime, here is my first daily photo and its only fitting that it is a self portrait.


steph 12:34 PM  

my new years resolution is to get back into checking other people's blogs again! hooray! i can't wait to see your pics!

Anonymous 2:45 AM  

your shirt is backwards... Just saying

Brian 6:20 PM  

Um... How do you think I took a picture of myself holding the camera?

Here's a spoiler for you...

It's a mirror!

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