And who doesn't like to Polka? Really.

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Today was the big Polish dinner dance that my parents were throwing. Mi Madre cooled 75 pounds of Kapusta (Polish Sauerkraut). 600 cheese blinzes or Nalashniki, and what seemed like 432 potato Babkas. With that was an army of Golbaki (Stuffed Cabbage), Perogi with butter and onions and tons of Kelbasa.

Here I am with one long kelabsa that I am about to cut up and cook for the over 200 people that attended. Before you think that my parents are crazy (and you would be right by the way) they organized the event to benefit Help Now. So it was for a good cause. Joining in the insanity was my Uncle Richard and Aunt Lola as well as numerous others. It was a long day in the kitchen but it was worth it and besides all else fun.


Anonymous 8:31 PM  

I want to say THANK YOU BRIAN!!! What a fantastic job you did managing and getting the food out to the 216 people in attendance. Dad and I are proud and grateful to you. Everyone raved about your work and how great you were. People who attended were very impressed and want to see this done monthly. NO WAY!!! What a wonderful day. Thanks again
Su Madre

Brian 9:47 AM  

If you want monthly... I gots to be paid. Heeeeeeey.

Mel 12:36 PM  

Oh snap!

swirlogirl 10:47 AM  

ah the bit of polish in me wishes for some kraut and kielbasa right now

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