Well its been a while hasn't it?

I know I've had you folks staring at the crotch (or stunt crotch) of Miss Molly Ringwald for some time now so I figured it was a good enough time as any to bring you up to speed.

So what have I been up to? Nothing much. Same shit different day.

The only things of note are...

*Got to see my uncle whom I hadn't seen in many many years way to long. I also got to meet his wife (and now my aunt) who was very lovely and kind.

*Been listening to the Kinks nonstop. Especially the two tracks featured on The Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack.

*Saw the Darjeeling Limited and liked it a lot.

*Lost 7 pounds from going to the gym and for the first time in a long time, was under 240 pounds. Then two days after Thanksgiving I gained 3 pounds to bring me to 240. It was nice while it lasted. If anything, my BMI dropped 2 whole percents so even though I haven't lost fat weight, I've gained muscle weight. So I got that going for me.

*Spent the weekend with my grandfather and had a great time. I took him to Disney's Boardwalk and rode a two person bike with him and almost died. Grandpa enjoyed the bell and would ring it to get people out of the way when we were flying down a hill towards them.

*I discovered a certain video while spending the weekend with my grandfather while the parentals were out of town visiting my sister. I've been slowly converting it to digital. Its the old Disney Circus Spectacular that my brother was in (and me peaking in the corner). Its taking so long since I'm trying to upgrade the old crappy signal to near HD quality. Its not easy but the result should be nice. Here's some screencaps.

*Speaking of Disney, I had another pictorial posted to MouseTimes.com, so check it out when you can. Here's the link ALSO I'm getting pumped for the re-opening of Spaceship Earth. Bruce Broughton is doing the new score I just heard a sample and I love it.

*I've been getting really pumped up for the new Indiana Jones movie and was able to snag one of the three leaked pics before they were yanked from the interweb. (Click for larger version)

*I've gotten caught up on all the TV viewing I've missed. Here's the rundown...
Heros - Come on and get with it already. I enjoyed the last two episodes of the season. Lets see what happens in 08'
Lost - Just kidding. Still waiting for Season 4 in January
Chuck - So far fetched but enjoyable.
Reaper - I like it but don't love it.
Cavemen - I hate to say it but the few that they've shown have made me laugh.
30 Rock - There is no funnier show on TV right no. This is always a gut buster
It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia - Um, there were a few good ones this season, but not many.
Pushing Daisies - LOVE IT! My new favorite show on T.V. It's really great in HD

*Can't wait for "Juno" to hit theaters. I just pray it doesn't suck.

*Came to the realization that I won't be able to see "Cloverfield" in the theater since its all hand held and Blair Witch made me sick. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, stop wasting your time and check it out. It looks awesome.


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