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Hey there every one! With the Halloween festivities abound, I didn't get a chance to fill you folks in on the awesomeness that took place this past Tuesday. Exposé, the awesome 80's pop band that you could always hear at the roller rink, performed three, count them three shows at Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. In a word, they were "tubular" (wasn't that phrase used in the 80's?)

Let me tell you. I HATE when bands don't sound anything like how they did on their albums. Trav, Stacy and I saw Mickey Thomas and Starship and he was good, but the whole wasn't what we were expecting. Exposé on the other hand rocked the house. The first show was so great that I waited to see the second show even though it was the same exact thing. Even Joey Fatone from N*Sync and that singing show on NBC stopped in to feast in the bodatious sounds. The whole show I was wishing that my gal Swirlogirl could have been there for the fierceness.

They played all their classics. I shot some video for you folks.

Here's their opener, "Come Go With Me"

Exposé "Come Go With Me" from brian on Vimeo.

Gotta love their attempt at some choreography.

And during the second shows performance of my favorite, "Point of No Return", one of the gals came into the audience and started dancing with me and some of the other fools in the front row. The whole theater was sitting down except for me and a few others. Here's the video of the gal after she was done with me and moved on. If you listen carefully you can hear me singing along (something I don't normally do when recording, but I couldn't resist especially when surrounded by the audience of limp dicks).

Exposé "Point of No Return" from brian on Vimeo.

Ill have more videos added to this post once I get them uploaded to my new favorite Anti-YouTube video site Vimeo
For more pics of the concert, check out my Flickr set.


swirlogirl 8:59 PM  

awww yeah. i heard some point of no return on the xm today. good shit maynard!

swirlogirl 9:22 PM  

hahah i finally got to see these videos just now. yeah that choreography is atrocious as well as those corsets.. other than that, go on girls! those are the jams

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