Well I know I have been kind of out of the loop as of late, but it isn't my fault. I've just been running full speed ahead for the last few weeks. Let me get you caught up to speed...

Went to California on biznach. It gave me the opportunity to visit with Steve and Lindsay.

...as well as Steph and Josh.

Went shootin'

Was mauled by Jimmy the Greek.

Stayed sexy...

Got drenched during the Epcot 25th Anniversary Illuminations show.

Visited Epcot on it's 25th and met some bigwigs.

Heard Marty Sklar speak which was one of the most amazing moments in my life, it was truly amazing.

Met Lou Mongello.

Met Epcot Vice President, Jim McPhee, who in my opinion is one of the best things that has happened to Epcot in many, many years. He is an honest, motivational, personal, approachable and kind human being (which is surprising for a Disney executive) He went above and beyond in making me and the rest of the people in my group happy. He made the 1st of October one of the most memorable days I have ever had. It was a beautiful, emotional and exciting day that I will never forget. To see a good video of the re-dedication ceremony and the special fireworks then check out this link for Orlando Attractions Magazine

Here's the YouTube version of the finale fireworks. Mel and I were so close, we felt like we were in the fireworks and when you see this finale, you will know why. The guy that filmed this was farther back than we were.


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