Let me tell you about one of my new favorite things.

I want you to introduce you to Chris Thrash, a 31 year old man from Alabama who just happens to have the enire animatronic band "The Rock-afire Explosion" from the old ShowBiz Pizza Place in his basement. He has taken the animatronic characters and animated them to contemporary music. It is pure genious. In one of his YouTube videos, he explains what goes into programming one of these shows. He says that he has "never before programmed and animatronic show in my life" and that he is "Not just slammin' buttons". In the same video offers a sneak peak at his newest show and demonstrates the work that he has done in three days but gives the disclaimer that "its not gonna be much". He adds, "I don't mean working thirty minutes on it, I mean working on it." and when demonstrating Duke's actual drumming he says, "I have redone his drumming 39 times in three days". Its a lot of work that I feel really pays off and Chris deserves any notoriety that he can get.

Click here for Chris Thrash's YouTube page

And here are some of my favorites. Thanks Trav for introducing me to this first video, "Pop, Lock and Drop It"

"Pop, Lock and Drop It"

"London Bridge"
I love how this video uses Mitzi the Cheerleader and how every character gets in on the chorus! OH SNAP!

"Hey There Delilah"
This one is classic and I want to laugh till I pee myself when I watch it.It's just perfect especially when he waves at the end. Chris described this one perfectly on YouTube "I like this one. Simple show, simple song,simple bear. Perfect!"

Those are my favorite three. It should also be know that Chris is not the only person out there programming their own Rock-afire Explosion bands. The following is a video from LooneyBird78 who posts videos but only has a small handful of pop music although he's got some pretty good halloween videos.


swirlogirl 7:18 PM  

BAHAHAHA man these never get old. fatz the gorilla is perfect yelling OH SNAP

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