Leave Britney Alone!

So Britney "performed" at the VMA's this past weekend and well... you've heard som I'm not going to bore you. But with all the backlash that she has received for her clumsy lipsynced shlockfest there have actually been some supporters of Britney. One of them is Chris Crocker. He has posted a vblog about how he feels about Britney's constant coverage.

I see a ringtone in the future. Either the "LEAVE HER ALONE" at the 49 second mark or the "LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE" from the 58 second mark.

People can watch this and laugh or they can watch this and feel sorry for Mr. Crocker but we are just lucky that he did it for us bastards.

I couldn't resist... Here are two mp3 from the video. If you want them as ringtones, drop me an email and I will pic message it to you. "Leave Her Alone" and "Leave Britney Alone"


swirlogirl 8:05 PM  

HAHAHAHAHAHH! btw i enjoyed the IT'S BRITNEY BITCH message immensely!

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