I loose yet another good friend...

So on Thursday afternoon, I heard the words that another good friend of mine has passed away. I am sorry to fill this blog with stories of death and sadness, but for those of you who read this blog on a regular basis know, I try to fill my stories of remembrance with humor from the persons past.

Today, I will not make an exception for the man I knew as a true friend, the man known as Luciano Pavarotti. To me, he was known as "Pavi". I first met him when he was touring the country performing opera. I was waiting tables in a restaurant when he came in. We got to talking and our friendship started. Whenever he would come into town, we would meet up for drinks. Man alive! He could really shoot them back. We would stumble into a bar, kick back a few and move on to the next bar once the place got boring or "alesaggio", as Pavi would scream from the top of his lungs when he felt it was time to move on.

If the bar had karaoke, I would often dare him to get up and sing. I remember one time when I told him to do "Cowboy" from Kid Rock. It was so funny and I remember my sides hurting so hard from laughing.

It was that same night that Pavi had a urge for Chinese food so we took off to Chinatown. We went crazy on some dim-sum and Chinese plum wine. We were already three sheets to the wind and when the wine hit our lips, we were done. Pavi grabbed a headdress off the wall as well as a long neck wrap and put it on. I was laughing so hard! I told him over and over again to take it off but he just responded "No" and started talking in fractured English, you know, switching his "L"'s and "R"'s. I was trying to calm him down because the other restaurant patrons were looking at him. The manager approached and told us to leave. He started shouting "Alesaggio!, Alesaggio!"

I remembered having our picture taken at this point. I looked all over for it and just I thought I was going to never find it. Luckily, I did. A memory of one of the best nights of my life.

Rest in Peace my friend, you were definitely not alesaggio.


Anonymous 10:06 PM  


I am so sorry for the loss of such a dear friend. It is hard losing someone who has been there for you during good and bad times. Just remember that he is always going to be there with you in your heart. I hope you find peace with knowing that you were a special friend to him also. You shared alot of good times together and remember them.

Brian 1:06 AM  

He truely was the life of the party.

steph 11:04 AM  

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok is it morbid and terrible that i can't wait for celebs to die because your photoshopping makes me pee my pants in laughter?

Brian 1:07 PM  

I don't know... is it morbid and terrible that I subscribe to the Celebrity Death Watch Beeper and recieve an email everytime someone famous croaks?

But he really was my friend and I am inconsolably sad.

Valeria 10:43 AM  

I'm not saying I have doubs about this story, and I am sorry for the death of Big Luciano.

Anyway "alesaggio" in Italian means something completely different from "boring". That is actually the translation provided by Mac OS translator on the dashboard. And I can't believe that an Italian would ever use it for "boring". Change translator ;)

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