Ah damn.

So when it rains, it pours.

Here's a low down of the last week...

Thursday, September 13th

Some jackass backs into my car and doesn't leave a note. They must have had a bigass truck with a hitch because the bumper wasn't so bad, it was more the hood, grill and stuff. I call Progressive so I can get it fixed. I couldn't even set my car alarm since the hood was popped. Nice. I have an appointment for Monday to drop the car off for repair. Day #2 with my personal trainer at the gym. I hate him so much but he's doing his job.

Friday, September 14th

I go to boot up my computer to get information about my insurance claim but the computer doesn't boot. It's been having some power issues lately but now I can't power it on. I find that for a new logic board and power supply, I would need to fork over $800 to get it working again. Alas, I come across a blurb on a website that says that Apple had trouble with thier iMac G5's back in 2005 around the time I bought it. I made an appointment at the Apple Store Genius bar in hopes that the repairs would be free. Sore as hell, I head off to my third day with my trainer at the gym.

Saturday, September 15th

Went to Disney with Mel to ride the new version of The Haunted Mansion. Very cool. Nicely done. Awesome effects. Hot and tired, Mel wasn't feeling well so we went home. I skip the gym.

Sunday, September 16th

Drop off the computer at the Apple Store. It was what I thought it was. New logic board and power supply. Covered under a recall I didn't know anything about so it's free. Also, why is the picture cutting in and out on our satellite tv? Skipped the gym again.

Monday, September 17th

Bank screws money in our account resulting in HUGE fees that I'm too embaressed to mention. Angry letter to the bank follows. I also drop off my car at the Progressive Service Center (It's just like in the commercials). In and out in 7 minutes, I head to the gym in my rental (A Crystler Seabring Convertable) to get a call later from Progressive saying that the damage was over $1,700. I pick up Trav at the airport and we quote every line from "Too Wong Foo" having to deal with a convertable. There may even have been a "train dance" for a moment. I go to work.

Tuesday, September 18th

Satellite is totally pissing me off. Cuts in and out while I'm trying to watch the end of "Cocktail". Dish tells me they can be out tomorrow and that even though I have protection plan, they are still charging me $30. Why? They didn't really have a reason why. It's "Talk Like A Pirate Day" so its not all bad. I go to the gym and do the StairClimber. Holy Shit that thing kills you!

Wednesday, September 19th

Money still messed up. I get a paycheck to balance things out. I get a call that my car is ready. New hood, fender, headlights, basically a new front end. Too bad I can't get there in time before they close. Dish comes and fixes the problem. They also hint that local channels will be in HD in October or November. Hazah.

Thursday, September 20th

I get to work at 6AM and Progressive opens at 8 so I will have to wait to get Annie the Car. Stuck in traffic after work only to get a call from Apple that my computer is ready. I head back to where I work which is across from the Apple Store, get the computer and go. Get the dry cleaning and head to Progressive. Luckily I have only a $250 deductable so I only paid $250 plus the cost of the rental which totalled $91. So that was fun.

I work tomorrow and Saturday and then I'm taking my dad and grandfather to Tampa to see the Red Sox play the Devil Rays at Tropicana Field. It should be fun considering the Sox get out of their fucking slump and start playing some ball again.

Monday, I fly out to the O.C. for more manager training. I leave my Orange County here in Florida only to travel by plane to another Orange County on the other coast. I am looking forward to seeing my brother and his girlfriend Lindsay as well as my awesome friends, Steph, Josh and possibly Jimmy. Thank you again in advance to you guys for coming to see me since I won't have a rental car while I'm there. I'll be in California until early Saturday morning, that evening possibly Halloween Horror Nights (which is going to be fucking awesome this year), Sunday and Monday is the celebration of Epcot's 25th Anniversary and the big Disney geek in me and past Epcot Cast Member will be attending both days and will be blogging and photo blogging from the event on the 1st.

Its been hella-crazy and it aint slowing down any time soon.


swirlogirl 6:00 PM  

you know who drievs a sebring convertible?


Brian 10:01 AM  

Boy howdy!

steph 8:05 PM  

holy shit you been busy! glad to hear the car and the computer weren't quite as spendy as they might have been, and we'll be down to see you as much as possible next week! give us a call tuesday when you're done with dinner and we'll drive down, we're only about 20-30 min away from where you're stayin...

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