Aging is funny!

For those of you who haven't seen this yet...

Now I know that I said I was not going to do cheap post with video, but I just couldn't pass this up. People are angry because he says he called someone and "illiterate faggot". From watching this clip a million times and laughing at it like when my grandfather drops the "N-word" in a crowded Perkins, it appears that he is taking to the camera and refers to the teleprompter as the "illiterate faggy" Take note, he doesn't actually say faggot, he says faggy. Which personally I think is even funnier. It's like his 81 year old brain hit the emergency break and forced him to stop and say "NO!".

What should have been better is if he shouted out a "LAVEN! with the Camera and the BOOMING and the ZOOMING! Oh Lady!"

That would have been better.

Instead now we have to be reminded about Imus, Kramer and any other J-hole that many have said something to offend someone somewhere.

Face the facts people, he's old. He was on T.V. for 18 goddamn hours and he was tired. And I for one, am glad he was because it has given me something to laugh at.

As a public service for any illiterate faggys out there that want to take part in the enjoyment of my blog, I have recorded an audio version of this post. Enjoy-laven!


swirlogirl 10:53 AM  

hahahah that's so faggy!

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