The 21st Century Began October 1, 1982

Most of you know that I am a Disney Geek, but more specifically, I am an Epcot Geek. I have always loved Epcot or Epcot Center as it was known as prior to 1982. When I was hired to be a cast member at Disney back in the mid 90's I jumped at the chance to work there. I have loved everything the park has stood for and the technology it showcased. It was everything I loved. A futuristic feel, international travel, food, wine, you name it, Epcot has it.

I have made mention from time to time about the upcoming 25th anniversary of my favorite theme park. Let me give you a brief outline of what is happening tomorrow and what was going to happen before Epcot loving people like myself got involved.

In February, Disney announced that they were not going to publicly celebrate Epcot's 25th but instead, hold a private celebration backstage for cast members like they do every year. Epcot fans cried out for a special event to celebrate this unique place. Celebration 25 was born. Months of planning began and to make a long story short, we planned to throw out own party. We rented out the island across from the Italy pavilion for the evening and arranged our own dessert reception and Illuminations viewing. After the number of attending started to grow and the Orlando Sentinel picking up on our story, Disney started to announce things.

When all was said and done, Disney announced a re-dedication ceremony mirroring the one done 25 years prior, private sessions with Marty Sklar, the official ambassador of Imagineering, retro merchandise, a special 4 minute add-on to Illuminations that we were told will knock our socks off, special retro guide maps and more.

Today was the day before and since we had so many people in our group, we spilled our events over to today. On my flickr page you can see some of the photos that were taken during our "History Walk" and group ride on Soarin'.

During the third history walk of the day, Jim McPhee, the VP of Epcot made a surprise appearance.

Join me tomorrow as I begin live bloggin from Epcot and Celebration 25.

Dedication begins at 10:01

See you there!


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