Video Hotness!

Here's the first video from the band Circus of Dead Squirrels. It was created by none other that my best bud Travis over at IBTRAV.COM. Its actually a pretty good song. I love the samples. Watch and love.

and then travel to IBTRAV.COM, bookmark to his IBTRAV.COM BLOG and send some praise!


Travis Falligant 10:16 PM  

Awwwww thanks doooood!
Special shout out to muh helper (who shall remain anonymous) on getting this thing animated!

Brian 10:05 PM  

Well of course. I just didn't want to name the un-named but props the that guy or gal.

steph 11:56 AM  

that guy or gal sure sounds hot i wonder if he/she would make out with me

Brian 10:59 PM  

me too.

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