Muppet Mobile Labs

Disney is testing their new Interactive Characters in the "Muppet Mobile Labs" at Epcot this week and possibly next. Got to see them for a brief moment before they drove off backstage by Imagination. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker drive around interacting with the passers by. In these pictures something happened to Beaker which caused his nose to blow up. These are animatronic characters and not puppets. They in a word as AMAZING! I just wish I could have seen more.

In other news, the ugly-ass wand is almost gone. All that is left is some of the support structure and the pegs that held the stars on Spaceship Earth.


Wendy 4:26 PM  

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! They are removing the ugly ass wand!!!!????!!! I did not know!!! That was the biggest piece of poop on a stick I have ever seen!! I remember cringing everytime i would walk out of the Wonders of Hell! Ugh just thinking of it brings back bad memories of having to watch Martin Short being born over and over and over again and dancing sperm....vomit...why didn't I end up killing myself when i worked there??? Oh that's right..i could walk to Japan on my lunch break and have some yummy yummy Shogun combo!!!

-your sister
9my blogger account is not working...maybe it's because I don't use it.

Brian 10:06 PM  

Mmmmm shogun combo.

swirlogirl 10:43 PM  

so long stupid wand!

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