A little catching up

Well lets see. Since I last posted, I quit my job at the Ale House, accepted an offer with another restaurant. Finished my last day with Ale House this past Friday. They made it very difficult for me to leave. The staff expressed their desire for me to stay most but my departure was already set. I start my new job later this week so I will be taking the next few days off in order to clear my head and prepare for my new job.

I have been tossing around the idea of going back to school in some capacity. I looked into some E-Learning at SCAD to get my masters degree but I don't know if I will have the time to invest in myself. I toured the local school "Full Sail" this morning and was very impressed with their facilities. If I could quit working and go to school full time I would be there. I can't so, so I won't. The school has a dozen soundstages and high-end production and post production facilities for T.V. and Film as well as numerous reecording stages for sound recording. It was weird to be on a college tour surrounded by kids.

I'm so old.


Anonymous 8:32 AM  

If I can work full time plus be on call...I went back to college got my degree ok it is only the AA but I am proud at my age I did it. Plus I am going again to get certified in ASL so tell me again why you can't do it??? EXCUSES are very easy to make!

_____mom I am now out of hiding!

Brian 11:30 AM  

So you could had an entire video editing lab in your house as well as high level tools at your disposal in the house? Not the same thing. Thanks though.

swirlogirl 12:06 PM  

you would be what they call a non traditional student

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