The Simpsons Movie

Saw the Simpsons movie last night (earlier this morning) at midnight. I figured I would see it at the first screening because if it sucks than at least the crowd would be fun to be around when watching it. Overall, the movie was a blast. It was a good movie with a lot of great jokes about being a t.v. show on the big screen. They even made some jokes that they normally wouldn't do on t.v. Don't get me wrong Bart didn't start walking around cursing, there were just some little differences. I think the only "cursing" I heard was Marge belt out a "goddamn it!" Overall, go see it. It was a good movie and worth seeing even if you're not Simpsons fan.

I leave you with Mel and I as Simpsons.My hair is the wrong color (I didn't realize I could change it until it was too late) and Mel says she would never wear something like this. If you want to make your own Simpson visit The site can be a little overloaded so be patient.
P.S. I have disabled the Wonderful Time Radio. I may bring it back in another form if I can randomize the music. I'm getting tired of hearing the same stuff over and over and not having the time to change it.


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