Monster Squad Tuesday Is Here!

That's right folks. The Monster Squad has hit DVD today. So why should you buy this movie? Ill give you a few good reasons.

#1 It's a damn good movie

#2 The second disc of this two-disc 20th Anniversary Edition features the illustrations of my best bud Travis Falligant.
He not only gets higher billing in the credits than the film's composer but his work is featured quite prominently in this seasons edition of Horrorhound Magaizine so go buy a copy today! ALSO, Mr. IBTRAV has relaunched his website complete with a new blog feature! So stop going to that old and busted Total Experience and get your asses to to see some good shit!

#3 The girl who played Phoebe is now older and much cuter.

#4 There is a lovely memorail to the passing of the actor who played Horace the fat.

#5 "Bop Until You Drop" sounds good in its new 5.1 mix.

#6 The documentary is good, informative and worthwhile unlike others I've watched on other movies.

#7 You can hear the Scary German Guy inform you "It's your last chance for pie" over and over and over again.

#8 Trav's work is in it. Oh yeah, I already said that. GO CHECK OUT HIS PAGE DAMN IT!


Travis Falligant 11:59 PM  

Look atcha, Mr. B!!!
Whatta pal!
Thanks for the nice plug.
Dr. D and I went to the Best Buy again tonight and it was a moral outrage amongst the staff:they said they only received 3 copies of the dvd and they have had over 30 inquiries today for the movie. They swiftly put in an order for a HELLUVA lot more than 3 and should receive 'em in a coupla days.
Ain't dat some shit?!?!
I haven't watched the movie all the way through yet and am hoping to tackle the 2 commentaries tomorrow.

Brian 3:42 AM  

The new audio mix is great but the video is still not as good as it could have been. There really isn't too much detail in the blacks which is a shame since there are a lot of dark moments. It still beats any other previous copy of the film.

PLUS! Its got some killer artwork in the chapter introductions.

Travis Falligant 8:49 AM  

Yeh I noticed the picture isn't the besssssss it could be, but, considering it's age, it's pretty decent.
And you're right: beats them old-ass bootlegs yaknowwhutI'msayin????

swirlogirl 1:07 PM  

HOORAY!!! travis you are moving on up!

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