Anniversary comes around one more time.

Hey there everyone. This past Saturday was Mel and I's seventh wedding anniversary and to celebrate, Mel and I had some plans. Yep, plans and that's about it.

We first planned on going to Paris but after my stretch of unemployement, the Atlantic Ocean seemed impossible to cross. Sooooo, we decided to hit up an old standby and visit Savannah. We made reservations and what not but then when Mel got ill with strep we decided a few hours before it was time to leave to not go.

At a loss of things to do on the lucky seventh, we hit up my new favorite place in the world, Total Wine & More It was what I think heaven will look like except heaven won't have price tags.

Knowing that a small supply of booze does not make an anniversary, Mel came up with the idea to go to Disney and press a penny at each of the penny press machines.

A colonial style penny press

Why? Because the seventh anniversary gift is copper and who the hell wants a gift made of copper? We've got enough pots and pans thank you very much.

We then decided at the last minute to get a room and believe you me, there ain't that much to choose from when ya call less than 24 hours before check-in. We were given some options that when I was told the price my heart skipped a beat. The reservations gal gave me some options and we decided upon Disney's Port Orleans: French Quarter Resort. It was really nice. I had heard it was one of the nicer of their moderate priced resorts and it was. It felt like we were back in Savannah (even though the place was supposed to be themed to New Orleans) but it could have been any southern location except for some of the little details.

So two days later we had a great stay at a resort we had never been to, a couple really great meals in our tummys and a shit-load of pressed pennies.

Click on the picture below to see pics of our weekend as well as the final outcome of all of our hunting for penny machines.

Seven Years

You can also click here to see our photos from our visit to the Simpsons converted 7-11.


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