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Last week we said good-bye to my dear friend Charles Nelson Reilly and now just this morning the world lost Don Herbert also known as Mr. Wizard.

I must say when I heard the news of his passing I was truly upset. I grew up watching his show and actually met him once. There are no faux pictures of me meeting him because It really did happen and I don't have any pictures of it. I remember he made an appearance here in Orlando at the Science Museum and my dad and I went to see him. I don't remember much about it except he showed all the kids how to "walk through a piece of paper". I wish I remembered more of it but my brain is swiss cheese when it comes to when I was young. My cousin Lola sent me some pictures of myself as a kid today and one of them had me dressed like a robot in some school function and I don't remember why. I looked good though. Pics will come later. This is about Mr. Wizard and not me.

Don Herberts' science experiments focused on using everyday household items and no special equipment. His show "Watch Mr. Wizard" aired on NBC from 1951 to 1965 and featured Mr. Wizard performing experiments alongside his children assistants. His experiments didn't always go as planned and sometimes was a little stern with the kids when they were not doing it right. He once said he didn't want any kids on his show over the age of 12 because when they turn 13 they become know-it-alls. He also said he didn't want his own kids on the show because he couldn't fire them.

Most of the people in my age bracket will remember "Mr. Wizards World" which aired on what I call the "Original Nickelodeon" Network from 1983-1990.

He would appear on various talk shows from time to time including this clip from the very first episode of the Late Show with David Letterman.

Rest In Peace Mr. Wizard. I induct you into my T.V. Hall of Fame.


swirlogirl 3:45 PM  

oh man the how to walk thru paper trick on the single legacy of his i have always remembered all these years

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