Doctor Jones!

I must say that I am pumped that they have started shooting a new Indiana Jones movie. I just prey that it is good. If it sucks I'm gonna be hella mad. There were some haters that said that Harrison Ford would need a walker in order to play the role. To those I present exhibit A.

Now, yes, he is sitting down. But he looks bad ass. So take that. Sean Connery, once thought to be in the movie is not but we gained Jim Broadbent and a Shia LaBeouf (who must have the best agent ever)

Principle photography began on the 18th and it is slated to be released on May 22 of next year.

Here's a video they released on that showed the first day of shooting. Unfortunatly most of it is Steven Spielburg and George Lucas drinking champagne. Hey, its something.


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