Well for the past 10 days I have been running at full speed ahead with the old job search thing. I've done what feels like a gazillion interviews and have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 joints. I'm waiting to see what they offer me and then make a decision. Of course I will not mention the name of the places so that I would not be dooced if I start working at one of them.

I've got to work/audition for one of the places today. I'm going in about 5 to observe for a shift to decide if I like the place before signing on the dotted line. I do the same tomorrow at another place.

It's been interesting talking to all the different companies and feeling uber-good since most of them have been jumping at the chance to hire me. I like the fact that I can choose what I feel what will be best for me.

As for anything else. I've had zero free time and feel like I've been going and going. Mel's been sick and if I'm not driving to an interview I'm doing one over the phone. There has only been two days out of ten that I haven't been doing interviews and that includes Saturday and Sunday. Those two days I spent painting the parentals house. While painting of course I got stopped with phone calls to set up interviews.

I can be on the phone setting up an interview and have another place calling me to set one up.

It gets a bit overwhelming sometimes.

At least I know I'm wanted.

...and I love being wanted.

As for other things of interest... Heros is back and its been good. Is it coming back next season or not? There has been no talk. LOST has kicked some major ass this last week. I feel this one episode has made up for the crap that we've been getting as of late. Um. Mel and I have become obsessed with "How It's Made" on Discovery and The Science Channel. I need a Disney fix. I hope its not raining on Sunday because I want to go and chill or maybe I'll go to Islands of Adventure and rock out some Dueling Dragons. That sounds good. I might have an interview in that area in a couple days. Would it be wrong of me to interview and then go for a ride in a shirt and tie?


steph 11:30 PM  

OMG awesome!!! hope everything goes good, we're keeping our fingers crossed!

swirlogirl 7:12 PM  

i second that emotion. please go on ride dressed up AND take pictures!

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