What a day!

I wanna take moment to provide well wishes to a couple of peeps in my life

#1 My ______

HAPPY ______'s DAY!

What a gal!

To best express how I feel, here is a clip from one of my favorite episodes of Futurama.

#2 Happy Birthday to Trav!

And if ______'s day wasn't enough we've got another big event today. It's the birthday of the one and only Mr. Travis Falligant.

Mr. T is celebrating the big 31 today and I wish him all the bessssssss.

Of course here is a clip for Mr. T as well. This is one of my fav's. A clip of a video for the tourists of the city of Savannah, GA. It plays in most of the hotels in town. In this clip, Mr. Falligant is discussing (in his awesome sweater) the finer points of River Street.


steph 2:30 PM  

AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh shit i will never take shops that are independently owned and operated for granted ever again! thanks travvy t for pointing that out!

swirlogirl 9:45 PM  

AHAHAHAHA this has been beamed out into space right for alien nations to enjoy?

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