Welcome to our newest feature, the WONDERFUL TIME TELEVISION HALL OF FAME. Periodically, we will feature a new inductee into our hallowed halls and tell you what makes this beloved character a star. Today we induct...

Grady Wilson, best friend and partner in crime of one Mister Fred Sanford. Also known by Fred as "Shady Grady" You can't use the phrase "Great Goobily goop" or "Great Googly Moogly" without paying your respects to Grady who was played by actor Whitman Mayo.

I remember an episode where Grady was fighting with Fred over a certain TV that Mr. Sanford had purchased for fifty bucks at a local bar. The TV was the same one that was stolen out of Grady's house a few days prior (He had recognized it by the scratches on the side of the paneling). If you haven't seen the episode and are concerned about the two friends fighting, don't fret. When Lamont called the poe-lease which of course were played by two dumb white dudes, they find that the TV was stolen from someone else before Grady bought it.

I also remember a series of episodes that Redd Foxx wasn't in and Grady was left to take care of Lamont while Fred was away on vacation (actually Redd had walked off the show over a contract dispute). Grady had a short lived spin-off show of his own but later returned to "Sanford and Son" and on to the spin off "Sanford Arm"s.

Whitman Mayo unfortunately passed away in 2001. He died ironically at the Grady Memorial Hospital.


swirlogirl 9:41 PM  

OMG i LOOOOOVED GRADY! what a great character

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