Since I lost my "proffestional job", I have been looking to get more creativity in my life. In college we did not learn Adobe Illustrator and never took it upon myself to learn. After watching all my super-cool friends rock out some killer work in Illustrator, I wanted to do what a good follower does and work in Illustrator. After Steph's recent visit and crash course (which I half listened to while making cupcakes) I have been thinking about doing some work in Illustrator. Having never really used the intimidating software, I decided to do some freehand work to give myself some practice. I figured start small, not use LiveTrace and then move to some more complex stuff. So here now my little chickadees is a glimps at some of my beginner work in Illustrator. Don't be too hard on me.

"Oh Chicken God!"

"Happy Sun Man"

"Whipped Cream, Nut and Cherry"

That's all for now you greedy monkeys.

Okay, I lied... THIS JUST IN! In homage to tonights dinner...



Trav 8:00 PM  

Wonder which one is the one we'd remember from our ol' days?!?!?!
...."nibble on muh nuts like a rat does cheese!"

steph 10:31 PM  

ahahahahahahaha oh shit i love it!!! fucking awesome!

Anonymous 5:11 AM  

Harry loves Ham.

And so do I.

swirlogirl 9:47 PM  

professtional. LOL! that extra t makes it seem much more comedic. dont ask me why

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