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Had a job interview around the Disney area the other day so I decided to head of to Epcot to respond to a request from Swirlogirl to take a picture of me on a ride in a shirt and tie. So here I am getting on Test Track. I got many stares.

"I'm here. You wanna make something of it?"

"The anticipation is killing me."

"Almost my turn to ride"

"It's gettin' hot in herrrr wif this tie on."

"Oooooo that's mo' like it."

"I'm definetly feeling some lateral forces now."

"Aw god! This is fast!"

I took a few more with my tie blowing in the breeze but for some reason they didn't save.

Oh well.


swirlogirl 9:38 PM  

HAHAHAHAH thanks! now i know you really listen to your fans.

Brian 9:39 AM  

I do whatz I canz.

steph 3:07 PM  

AHHAHAHAHHA OH SHIT!! i forget to visit for a week or two and look at all the funny shit i gots to come back to! i'm totally picturing your harry carey voice on these epcot pics.

Brian 10:21 PM  


Would you eat the moon if it was made out of barebeque spare ribs?

We've already established it wasn't made of green cheese.

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