(Posted from the bar)

I never talk about work on the internet but now that ive been fired and unemployeed... Well if whatever. Im drunk. Jealous or whatever?


Trav 12:51 PM  

Fereeeeeeeee as the winnnnnd blowwwsss!
Now that you're no longer an OG employee, I have to tell you one thing:
GDAMN do I hate the new commercials on tv for the OG.
Those effing actors and the setups are SO ANNOYING!!!
Sorry. Just wanted to get that offa muh chessss.

Brian 1:35 PM  

I never wrote the effin commercials. I applied to do so but they said HELLA NO so whatev.

steph 1:59 PM  

seriously sorry this happened to you dude - from your emails it sounds a little like a blessing though if you were totally over it so lets all get druuuuuuunk! enjoy bein unemployed for a bit if you can, you know? cuz i'm sure once you start lookin for the next gig again you'll get somethin right quick!

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