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Stacy and I played around in EPCOT the other day and got a personal photo session with Mickey and Pluto. When we went to look at the pictures we found this little jem. I'll be posting the final version later with the crappy pixie dust border that we positioned on Stacy's forehead. In the meantime, enjoy this little jem I call.

"Help A Friend Check For Lumps"

If you can come up with a better caption than this picture you could win a print of this photo with your caption on it. So get your creative juices flowing and leave your comments below. You have a week till noon on Friday, March 29th. Good Luck!


Trav 9:42 PM  

That's a HANDFUL!!!!
I bet Mickey's sad he's only got 3 fingers instead of 4 at this point.
Stacy looks like she's jusss road Big Thunder Mountain...and LIKED IT.

steph 4:10 PM  

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH ok here's my entry:

tuning into tokyo disney

Wendizell 1:36 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendizell 1:37 PM  

Sharing a Dream Come True.....Lucky!!!

swirlogirl 10:13 AM  

HAHAHAH i think steph wins

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