Damn Tourists!

Someone replaced the normal program of this animatronic gorilla at Rainforrest Cafe with a song from my boy Bubba "Whoop-Ass" Wilson. It's great. Especially the end.


Trav 8:09 PM  

WHere do you find this shit?!?!?!
Wonder which Rainforessss Cafe' this was at?

Brian 9:02 PM  

Since it was Bubba it had to be here in Orlando since he is a local radio star. So either LBV or Animal Kingdom.

Trav 9:06 AM  

That is frikkin' AWESOME!
I wish it was playing when actual diners (tourists) were there.
Watching them walk by while this gorilla is singing that song would be PRICELESS!

swirlogirl 10:26 PM  

AHAAHAHAHAHAH this is a gem. that is a really nice robot and programming it is perfect!

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