What indeed is up?

So I have not been exactly living up to the slogan above by missing my three posts a week. With that I apologize. I just have not been in the state of mind to write. I know to write a humerous post is like shooting fish in a barrel with the crap thats going on right now.

First there's G.I. Britney who is on the path to death. I know that mean but I predict that by this time next year Britney Spears will be dead. I mean after looking like Ripley from Alien 3, where else do you see her going? Today she checked out of rehab for the second time in a week! Its just sad.

I mean really? Which one is which?

Then there's the crap fest that is the Anna Nicole Smith mess. While driving back from Miami the other day we drove past the Seminole Hard Rock where Anna met her maker. At first I was so tired of hearing about her death but now I've actually gone past that point and can't live without the daily updates from Entertainment Tonight on VCast.

Haven't gotten enough Anna then check out this movie trailer below from National Lampoon.


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