Further thoughts on Miami Beach

After being back from Miami Beach for a little over a week now I can safely look back at the experience and present you my loyal readers with the

Top Ten Observations of Miami Beach

#1 Pulse
You often hear people describe a city as having a pulse. I never really knew what that meant until I visited South Beach. You can turn down any street an be surrounded by people, music, smells and energy. I had a lot of time to discover this as Mel and I walked 17+ blocks to our car. Restaurants spill into the sidewalks everywhere. Music flies out of cafes and bars filling the air like an iPod on "shuffle". Everything is moving in Miami Beach. If something is standing still there must be something wrong.

#2 Looks
When ever you see pictures of Miami you see the hoochies in the rap videos or the exotics of South Beach. You always see the beautiful people. I usually don't fit in well in those areas but Miami is different. What you don't see on film is the other people and there are a ton of them. The people who don't care that they don't look like a model they just want to look like themselves. Of course they want to look like the best "self" they can. The goth chicks are ultra-goth chicks there. The emo's are the same. The quiet librarian types dress the part to the nines.

#3 Pokies
Many chicks don't wear bras there. I don't know what thats all about.

#4 Availability
Anything you want is there when you want it. If you couldn't find it, you didn't look hard enough.

#5 Traffic
People drive like assholes there. In L.A. on the 405 I didn't come across such j-holes like in Miami. People don't think twice about cutting you off just to block three lanes of traffic. They also don't care about being in the far right lane on a one way street to make a left hand turn. Did I mention they were assholes? That's why you couldn't throw a stone without hitting a scooter or a scooter rental store.

They love their horns. They will cut you off and block traffic but the moment someone wrongs them they will lay on their horn and not get off it until the next morning. Its terrible but on our second day there I found myself doing it too.

#7 Cabs
Since I have never been to New York City I cannot say I have ever been in a town that you can just flag down a cab on the street. They were everywhere. Again, with the level of traffic and insanity of the drivers it might be best to take a cab. If you think the cabs are exempt from my comments about traffic you are wrong. I saw some of the worst shit coming from cabs.

#8 Hotels
Hotels are everywhere in South Beach. A word to the wise be careful. You don't always get what you pay for. We stayed at a hotel that cost $289 a night which was a bargain compared to everything else and there were bugs, a crappie bed and overall funk. I would be a bit leery of staying in one of the many hotels with fancy sounding names without a big company backing them.

#9 Hospitality
On thing I do ave to say is that people were very helpful and kind. Aside from the drivers I can't think of anyone who was rude. Well maybe the woman who answered the phone at Carrabas who when asked how long the wait was replied with "Its a long wait" and hung up.

#10 Crazy
Miami Beach is full of crazies. I passed many a person talking to themselves without bluetooth ear pieces. One guy was sitting on a plater talking to people who passed him by like Donald Duck. The worst part was when Mickey joined in.


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