The must see play of the year!


swirlogirl 1:07 PM  

well what is it?

Brian 5:24 PM  

Monorail Inferno:~~ ~~ MONORAIL IN THE NEW MELENIUM ~~ ~~ The storyline of Monorail Inferno 2007 remains historically rooted in June of 1985 (the time of the actual blaze that engulfed and destroyed the rear car of a packed futuristic train at Walt Disney World). However, both Wanzie and Charron have been hard at work editing the original manuscript, tweaking both book & lyrics, enhancing character development, and even updating much of the music. ~~ A popular Charron/Wanzie song - Straws For Two (Originally written for Forbidden Kingdom, and later performed in Living on The Edge) has been incorporated into Monorail Inferno 2007. ~~ Monorail Inferno aficionados will not be disappointed; All the original characters and crowd-pleasing elements of the inaugural production remain in tact but the older, more experienced and more theatrically savvy Charron and Wanzie have breathed new life into the 20 year-old score and manuscript. ~~ The 2007 production will also benefit greatly from the expertise of first-time Monorail Director Kenny Howard, and Costumer Marcy Singhaus.

swirlogirl 8:20 PM  

OMG i wanna see it!

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