Can't wait

If you haven't seen the trailer for this movie...Click here. I don't know why, but I can't wait to see this shit. Either its because Christina Ricci is in her underpants a whole lot or Samuel L. Jackson looks like a badass. Hell! Sam Jackson is on the frigign' soundtrack! That's gotta tell you somethin'.


Trav 7:55 AM  

Ain't that one of the mosss awesomesss posters you've ever seen???
We saw the trailer again in front of Black Christmas.
There's supposed to be a new one out now though.
Can't wait either.

swirlogirl 4:54 PM  

yeah this poster is pretty tight. but they make samuel look liek a crazy black man enslaving awhite girl when he's really trying to save her soul HAHAHAHA

Brian 5:23 PM  

That's Sam Jackson? I though it was Justin T-Lake on the poster!

steph 4:47 PM  

okay i'm kinda behind the times here but i saw this preview somewhere or other and it looks badass!

but also i think sam needs to just move on from the snakes on a plane and stop being in movies with snakes in the title, unless they're snakes on a plane sequels. which would be awesome

Trav 11:42 AM  

"Can't Wait" is the name of this possss.
"Can't Wait" is what I say to a new posssssss.
Bring it!

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