A lot has been going on since last I wrote

I promise I'm going to get back the normal schedule very soon. I just feel like I have been running in a million directions for the past few weeks. I guess its just that time of the year.

Let me fill you in...
-Work has been busy with a lot of long hours.
-You may have heard Mel finally gave me the o-kay to purchase a Sleep Number bed after complaining of back ache for the past couple of years.
-I've got a new RAZR phone for free that I have been making my own ringtones for.
-Had a birthday
-Saw the space shuttle launch Saturday night.
-Had a really great dinner at Kobe, it was almost as good as Heiwas in Savannah.
-Took advantage of a really great sale and got a new 32" LCD HDTV.
-Finally got around to running the home theater speaker cables through the ceiling and attic and fishing them down the wall.
-Laughed my ass off when Trav told me about his conversation with Scott Kaske a.k.a. Jackie from The Newlydeads.
-Went to the Real Radio Christmas Carol at the Hard Rock Live. (these are photos from last year)

So for one week, there has been a lot going on. Join me next time for the Wonderful Time 400th post pectacular!


swirlogirl 4:58 PM  

i cant wait to get drunk and watch newlyddeads alone for new years on the big screen :( i will have to make john watch too i guess

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