L.A. was a blast or How I hate Blogger

I'm back from LA. Had a great time. It was a blast to get together with everyone again. We are so happy for Steph and Josh and were so happy to be their for wedding and to play a role for them. There was losts of great times had by all. I have just finished importing all 1,121 photos and videos from the trip I have sorted through the best and present them to you here Just click on the picture to see them.

As for the videos I am slowly adding them to YouTube and will have them up soon. Click on the YouTube link under the "Now Playing" section for updates.

I had grand plans of making audio posts from the road in different locations in LA but due to Blogger sucking ass, I was unable to.

Overall it was an excellent time. We got to L.A. around noon Pacific time after a long flight that we had to get up uber early for. We scored our rental car which was brand new we put the first 278 miles on it. We also rented a GPS which was a blessing to get around with. It was frustrating from time to time when it would say I "left the route" Most of the time it was pretty solid. It was more user error with all the crazy turns, traffic circles and intersections.

The wedding was really nice and everyone was so friendly and caring it was a real treat. Trav and I pimped out as the ushers.

When not dealing with wedding stuff, Steph and Josh took us around to try some local cuisine at places like The Pike (owned by a member of Social distortion) and the famous Rosco's Chicken & Waffles. On Sunday we spent the day with my brother Steve who took us on a tour of the Hollywood area where we got a chance to see a real live "celebrity". See the photos above for more info. It was really cool to see all of the things that we've seen on T.V. and in the movies.

We saw a bunch of studios and was able to visit Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure.

Anywho... More stories and videos to come.


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