Is it because I open-mouth kissed Rene Russo?

I'm sick. I've been fighting this virus in full ass-beating mode since Friday. I felt so shitty that I actually left work early. I have never left early due to illness in the almost seven years I've been working there. The next day I was not any better so I left early again. I forced myself to stay through the day on Sunday. Monday morning I did something I never do. I went to the doctor. I know. I know. If you know me, then you know I don't dig doctors with these exceptions:

Dr. Duane
Dr. McCoy
Dr. McDreamy
Dr. Demento
Dr. Teeth (and the Electric Mayhem)
Dr. Seuss

I went and he told me that I was only about a third of the way through this nasty bug that has been going around. He gave me a bottle of super decongestant in hopes that I could "get it all out" but if it doesn't work, I would be entering stage two where I would begin to have a fever and then the best part, stage three where I would suffer from a sinus infection.

Needless to say, the man who is not big into perscription drugs popped those puppies in his gullet quicken that Dustin Hoffman could blame a disease-filled monkey.

Monday night sucked out loud. I closed at work and suffered through the evening. I had to send my employees to get me some chicken noodle soup and a crap magazine so I could get caught up with the world of Britney and K-Fed.

I switched with another manager so I could get today off and rest. I'm feeling a bit better so I am hoping the worst is over. I've got to say that this picture has helped me heal a great deal.


Trav 1:47 PM  

Take two pussies and call me in the
Hope you're feeling better!
-Dr. McSteamy

Mel 9:32 AM  

oh. my. god.

swirlogirl 9:58 AM  

HAHAHAHAH THAT DAMN KITTEN! i knew i was gonna be in for something special when i saw the top of brit's weave

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