What's with my days off anyway?

There seems to be an animal theme with my days off. You may remember a few months ago I nursed a bird with a broken wing on my day off. Then a few weeks ago I saw a horney gorilla. Today, my neighbor came to the door to let me know that there was a baby kitten in the backyard. I went out there with her to find a small little baby kitten. The thing must not be more than a few months old. He/she is grey and had cute little smokey blue eyes. The mama is a black and white stray that sleeps on our porch during the day. Mama is really afraid of people and darts off whenever I get close but the baby is very friendly and adorable.

That's all that is going on. Not really there is more but it all involves work so I don't want to talk about it.

Horray for baby kittys!


swirlogirl 11:33 AM  

OMG pics of kittens please!

Anonymous 5:22 AM  

5 words for rachel...."BACK AWAY FROM THE KITTENS"....love you all.

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