What happened to my favorite holiday?

Over the past few years the tradition of creating a haunted house for Halloween has been enjoyed by few. I say few because the one thing that I have noticed is the decline of trick or treaters. When we started doing the haunted houses we got a pretty good chunck of people visiting. The next year less and then last year it was a small flock of people.

This year there was no plans to make a haunted house to scare the kids so I had to do someting. I put some Halloween decorations outside of the apartment and bought a big bowls worth of candy.

We had two, count them two trick-or-treaters.

We were beat out by the ginormous Halloween event down the road. The ancient tradition of going door to door for candy seems to be gone replaced by children visiting the mall or Disney World for trick-or-treating.

It's just a shame.


swirlogirl 11:13 AM  

what i also find to be a shame is more and more teenage girls dressing as whores for halloween. disturbing... even more so the possibility that their parents let them leave the house like that. ugh. poor halloween

Trav 9:05 PM  

I second that emotion about the decline of Halloween.
Yes, we are back from our last visit to Cola FOREVVERRRR!
Let me leave you with this positive note:
Our neighbors on all sides came to tell us how many children came to their house wondering where we all were this year. Cars drove by the empty house, trick or treaters questioned the peeps on the street, "WHere are those muthafuckas from 3714 Carriage House this yea'?"
Take that, Disney ans shopping malls!

Anonymous 9:11 PM  

I agree we did a little better around 12 kids with only 4 door bell rings. Long gone are the days of tick or treating for several hours and returning home a few times to empty your stash and go out again till you can not walk anymore. These kids don't know what they are missing.


swirlogirl 8:34 PM  

hahahah man disney aint got nothin on 3417!

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