My name is Brian... and I am a geek.

This is post #377 and I have to make a confession. To those of you who know me... well you probably already know.

Boy this is tough.

I didn't think it would be this hard.

Okay. I'm just going to say it.

I like Star Trek.

Okay. There. It's out there.

Before you judge me as a pointy-eared wearing dweeb this is where I stand and for most of you closet cases out there, you may agree with me.

When I was younger, the original series was good. It got tired, but it was good. Then came the Next Generation where I declared I was a fan. I do own all the movies (special editions only, I don't own five copies of the same movie in different versions) and I dig them. I never cared for Deep Space Nine but if its on, I might watch it. Voyager was good and I loved the series finale (one of the best tv finales to date in my book) and Enterprise was tolerable.

Recently the original episodes have been re-released in a new "remastered" format. They are airing in syndication like any tv show. Here in Orlando it is every Saturday afternoon on CW18. Those of you who know me know that I HATE when anything classic is either re-done or remastered. I honestly have to say that this in the exception and it is not because it's Star Trek. It honestly has just been well done.

No aliens have been taken out and replaced with CGI Jabba the Hut's. The lame rock monster is still just styrofoam and caulking. They did replace the old model shots with new CG ships and they look good, almost like they've always been there. They have given new depth to the planets and cleaned up the images for high definition. The thing that has impressed me most has been the shocking amount of color. The original episodes had funky sixties color but the new remastered high def picture has really punched them up.

Take a gander at some of what I'm talking about...

Still not seeing it?



One more example:



Okay. That's all I've got.



Anonymous 8:05 PM  

Yes you are a TEKIE. I will endorse that with the memory of you winning a Star Trek Contest at a TREKIE Convention. You beat out adult Trekies when you were what 12?


Brian 8:43 PM  

Maybe I made a mistake mentioning this. And for the record they dumbed down the questions cause I was a kid.

Trav 1:52 PM  

They really cleaned that shit up!
Looks really good!
Especially the ship in space.
From a fellow geek, I am right there with ya.
I am Marge the Neuter and I'm proud!

swirlogirl 8:33 PM  


dud those shots are looking pretty good. i love high def. there's way more contrast and clarity. iit's liek photoshop magique!

Anonymous 9:36 PM  

Don't even go there. If memory serves me correctly..the question was first directed to an adult and he did not know it, you did. Do you still have your Vulkin ears, Captain shirt and Star Trek pin?


Brian 5:56 PM  


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