Well hello there!

What is happening party people?

Me? I just feel like I've been running at lightspeed forever. After a breif visit with Trav on Saturday and Sunday, going to the parentals to have dinner on Sunday, running around at work and all I just want to sleep.

I didn't mention the other thing. My sister-in-law Rachel is here in town. She had a bit of bad luck in Seattle and has decided to move to Orlando. She flew in early this morning and will be staying with us until further notice. It's great to have her here it just a shame it wasn't under the best circumstances. Oh well.

I will be getting with you folks on Sunday with epicurian tales of Jackson, MS so stay tuned.

Oh and by the way the new song by Mama Cass is "Make Your Own Kind of Music" and it was the first thing heard at the begining of this season of LOST. Tee Hee.


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