My Tuesday.

Hey there! My food adventures continue on Sunday for those who are interested. Tuesday was a day of extreme geekiness. I drove to EPCOT to chill and relax and maybe do some sketching that I have been encouraged to do my the misses and Travis.

After I got to EPCOT I discovered the park was dead. I'm talkin' JonBenet dead. I walked on to Test Track which normally has like a seven hour line. At the end of the ride they asked if I wanted to stay on since nobody was waiting. I'm talkin' dead!

So needless to say, sketching took a backseat as I took in the opportunity to ride some of the attractions over and over again without having to wait.

Had some yummy food and went home.

I did stop at the Living Seas to sketch some fishes. Of course the first time I pick up a pencil to draw in a few years I choose to draw something that doesn't stay still and moves really fast. I drew a seahorse and a really good fish who stayed in one spot and was a good little model for me.

Go easy on my... I'm a little rusty.

As I was sketching the seahorse a woman asked me if I knew why the two seahorses had their tales intertwined. I said "I have no idea. I just know that seahorses mate for life." She looked at me weird and then realized I didn't work there.

At home, Rachel and Idissectedd one of the special features on the LOST season 2 DVD called "LOST Connections". It highlights the "6 degrees ofseparationn" that occurs on the show. The feature shows a small screen with wires coming out of it. On the screen is the main character Jack. When you click on the wires it takes you to another characters screen and their wires linking to other characters. After working on a small piece of paper Rachel and I realized that we needed to go large scale and created a poster sized flow chart of every character and how they are linked together.

Melissa got home and just shook her head.

If you folks beg enough we may just post a picture of it for you bitches to see.


Trav 7:55 PM  

Jon Benet dead is really DEAD!
Good sketches...good deal.

Brian 11:40 AM  

Its been a while so we I hope to get back to my old days.

swirlogirl 11:17 AM  

ah epcot was dead when we went too it was great! but when we got to the rose and crown, we found out where the crowd was at hahah! we had to stalk a table for a while. but i got to see my girl pam brody so it was wonderful

Brian 8:02 PM  

Damn, I haven't seen Pam in a while I may have to swing by and take a listen.

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