Melissa woke me up slighly before six in the morning on Friday to give me a little kiss before leaving for work. She asked me if I wanted to meet up with her for lunch since she would be getting out early. In my groggy state I just said... "Call me later and we'll talk".

Later in the day Mel called and asked if her sister and I wanted to meet her for lunch at Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. I said sure but was concerned because Rachel had an interview at three. We drove down towards Disney and parked near the restaurant. As we got out of the car, Rachel told me to have a good weekend and got into the drivers seat. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was going back for the interview. I told her she had time to make the interview and should come for lunch. She handed me a piece of paper and told me to give it to Mel and not read it.

Totally confused, I watched her drive off. I walked towards a certain shady tree that I was told Melissa would be waiting under.

I find Melissa who greets me with a little kiss and welcomes me to vacation. Still confused, I ask her what she is talking about. She tells me that she has booked a room at Disney's Boardwalk Inn for the night and that the two of us were on vacation. I was instructed to shut off my cell phone and relax.

After a nice lunch, Mel and I headed towards the Boardwalk Inn. We walked towards our room which seemed like forever since it was on the opposite side of the resort. The room was really nice and had a great view. Mel encouraged me to let out a large sigh whenever possible. It was nice to just sit there and not have to do anything. I guess those reviews from work will have to wait.

Later we made a decision on which of the pools we were going to visit. We decided not to visit the Luna Park pool since there was a swarm of kids in it and an annoying MC who was hosting a Disney Trivia Game. We chose the quiet pool adjacent to our room in the rose garden.

Later we walked the boardwalk and had a cup of coffee. Took a leasurly stroll towards EPCOT and stopped for some dinner at Les Chefs de France. Watched a party of senior citizens get some attitude from the matre d' and laughed.

After dinner it was Extra Magic Hours so we stayed in the park for a little longer since we were staying at the resort. After sucoming to our exhaustion, we walked back to the hotel skipping the boat feeling that if we sat down, we would not be able to get back up.

The next morning we had a little breakfast in the room out on the balcony and took off for Typhoon Lagoon for the day. Their new "water coaster" Crush N' Gusher was so freakin' cool. You climb the stairs to the top while carrying a raft with you. Depending on the size of the raft, either two or three people go down the slide at a time. A conveyor belt moves you and the raft onto the slide and as you reach the bottom of the hill, super strong water jets shoot you up another hill just to make some sharp turns and more drops. It was really bitchin'

After the water park we were so tired so we relaxed a bit and walked around before our dinner reservations. After sitting a spell and almost falling asleep we realized that we needed to do something to wake our old asses up so we took off to Animal Kingdom where we road Expedition Everest three times in a row to get some juices flowin'.

After our ride(s) we made way to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner at Jiko. We were seated next to two of the most annoying people in the world. They had were meeting each other face to face online after a long internet courtship. Mel and I learned all about her eating habits (No pork since pigs have no sweat glands and not shellfish since the bible told her not to), her ex-husband (he must've been gay since he didn't kiss me for 10 years... no honey you're a skank) and social beliefs (Jesus hates gay people). The ten minutes with Mel in the restaurant after they left were the best part of the dinner.

Overall it was great. Mel is such a sweetheart planning all of this. I was totally surprised! Especially when I heard about the good deal she got. It was just what we needed and I still can't believe she kept it a secret from me.

Thanks honey. I love you.


swirlogirl 8:26 PM  

hahahah aww that is so sweet! i should do that for john one day ahhaa ummm.. love the internet couple

Wendizell 9:58 AM  

THe Crushen Gusher is soo much fun...loved it...We had a great time on it when we were there. No lines not wait...LOVED IT!!! The one to the far right was the best I must say....always gave me a wedgie!

Brian 7:50 PM  

We decided the one on the far right "The Banana Blaster" was the fastest since it was only for the double rafts. The center one "The Coconut Crusher" was my favorite since it had the most drops.

swirlogirl 10:33 PM  

these names are perverse!

Brian 7:27 PM  

That's what I'm screamin'

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