Even better than Lost Season 2?

While I was at Best Buy today purchasing my copy of LOST Season 2 with extra bonus disk (yes, I'm that obsessed) I came across a DVD box set of...

Okay. This came out a year ago but I had not seen it. Best Buy had like 20 copies and it was on sale so I couldn't resist.

I friggin' loved this as a kid. Penfold cracked my shit up!

Aww eck!

... by the way the LOST DVD friggin' rocks!


steph 4:30 PM  

okay am i totally weird if i don't remember danger mouse at all?

Brian 1:39 PM  

No Steph... you are just yourself and I love you for it.

swirlogirl 11:01 AM  

OMG OMG OMG i just put this in my netflix last night! i was watching some dangermouse clips on youtube and dying laughing. i was going to nostalgia retrgrade hard core. do the discs have bananaman on it too?

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