Just a quick note to let everyone know that I am still alive. I know when I post videos it is usually because I am too lazy to sit down and write anything. Actually I have lots of stories to share with you folks including a visit with the most disgruntled Subway Sandwich Artist in the world.

Unfortunatly, I have just been really busy at work. Seems as though I have been going non-stop for weeks now. Now I have been asked to spend some time in Jackson, Mississippi. I will be heading off on Wednesday and not returning until the following Friday.

So you know what that means kiddies! Audio blog posts from the road!!!! Yes the grand tradition will continue. I know I could find internet access or even send a text message from my phone but it adds to the adventure doing my posts by phone. So look for those coming next week.


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Thanks for visiting, and I hope you had a Wonderful Time!

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