That's right boys and girls the big guy is back from Mississippi. It was a long trip to be away from home and the wife but I'm back now.

I almost didn't make it back on time since Delta had to use another plane to get us to Orlando from Atlanta. I was booked on a 767 but they had to downsize us to a 757 which holds almost 100 less people. I had about an hour and a half layover so I decided to plunk down in the airport bar and kick back a couple pints. When I got to the gate about 30 minutes prior to take-off, I noticed a large line of rather unhappy people waiting to speak to a Delta representative at the counter. I didn't know what was going on so I minded my of biznach. They began calling people for boarding. I overheard one of the people in line saying that they plane doesn't have enough seats and if your ticket doesn't have a certain code at the top you have to get in the big-ass line and get a new boarding pass.

I looked at the clock and I looked at the line and knew that if I got in that line there was no chance I would be leaving Atlanta on time.

They called for "Zone 5" which was my zone as stated on my supposedly void boarding pass. Faced with the possibility of not making it home I did what any desperate person would do.

I played stupid and approached the gate with my boarding pass in hand and acted surprised and confused when the little screen flashed "SEE ATTENDANT" when I scanned it.

The gate attendant pulls me to the front of the long line and gets me a seat. I quickly board before the disgruntled mob could cry foul.

Once on board I was seated in the very last row and I didn't mind. Flight attendants were making announcements asking people to give up their seats for a $200 voucher. I still wasn't safe. Families were separated and trying to get people to move so they could sit together. One woman had a ticket for the seat next to me but the seat was already occupied by a man with a ticket for the same seat. The flight attendant explained to him that he wasn't supposed to be on the plane.

"How did I get on here then?" he asked.

The flight attendant made some shuffles and he got to stay.

Needless to say, I breathed a big sigh of relief when the door shut.

I was going home.

That's all for now folks I will talk to you on Tuesday with more stories of the road including a "Weird Science" moment at the Blues Club and a tour of Sweet Daddy's Barbecue.


steph 6:51 PM  

good to have you back!! seriously, why can't i ever comment on your blog from my pc at home!!! what the hell! why do you hate pcs so effin much!

Brian 10:54 AM  

I have no idea. Macs rule though since you mentioned it.

steph 4:31 PM  


swirlogirl 11:04 AM  

hahaha don't fight!

Brian 3:37 PM  

It's true. don't make me send you the proof.

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